The regular dance season runs from September to May.  The first half of our season focuses on learning technique and the second half we focus on preparing for our annual recital. The recital is the result of all of our hard work throughout the year and is our student's chance to shine on stage!  


Yearly tuition is paid in 9 installments, September through May. Class fees are due before the 1st of each month. (ex: Sept tuition should be at the studio prior to September 1st.) A $20 late fee will be assessed on the 1st of each month. No Exceptions. 

All fees are to be put in the drop box.  Any questions or concerns can also be submitted in writing and put in the drop box.  

Tuition is due in full regardless of class attendance.  You will be charged until written notice of class cancellation is received.  No refunds or credits will be given for classes missed.  The school reserves the right to modify class schedule as deemed necessary.

Any student who fails to pay tuition for two months consecutively will be asked to sit out of classes until the balance is paid in full.  Dance wear and Costumes will not be ordered until tuition balance is paid in full and dance wear and costume fees are paid in full.


In the event lessons are missed, make up lessons are available.  You may  come to a class listed on the class schedule, which is one above or below your class in age.  You may ask the instructor if you are unsure of which class to come to for make-up.  Students will only be permitted to make up three lessons and only from September through December.  Since we begin working on our recital routines in January - no student will be permitted to make up while working on routines.  

A certificate will be given to those students who achieve perfect attendance.  This will include any students who do not miss any lessons or miss up to three lessons - but make them up during the first half of our dance season.  Because we are not permitted to make up classes the second half of the season, as a security for vacations or forced absences, you may make up an extra class in the first half of the season.  


Hair must be tightly secured, and off the neck.  All students are required to wear the “Studio Outfit.”  For 2-3 year olds this would include a Capezio cotton\lycra tank sleeve black leotard – pink tights and pink ballet shoes. 3 year old through 3rd grade wear the same plus tan tap shoes.  4th grade and up wear the black leotard, pink or caramel tights, pink ballets, black tap shoes, and tan jazz shoes.  These outfits will be available at the beginning of the year and at the Open House.  New students should just wear shorts and anklets the first lessons.  Thereafter the “Studio Outfit” should be worn to all classes and will possibly be worn in the recital.  (There are used tap shoes available, with largest selection at the beginning of the year.  1 name on the bottom of shoe (previous owner) - $9, 2 names - $7, 3 or more names - $5, made payable to the last person’s name on shoe.)


Dance is rarely cancelled when school is cancelled since the roads are usually clear in the afternoon. Snow cancellations are posted on the website and WLIO.com.


1.      Please come early enough so you are ready to begin at the correct time.

2.      Parents please do not come to pick up your child until the entire class is over.  This is in order to keep the classes undisturbed.

3.      Do not bring valuables.   The studio cannot be responsible for any losses of personal property or valuables.

4.     Jeanne’s Dance Studio reserves the right to dismiss a student for a) disruptive behavior b) non-payment of tuition or other charges.

5.      No food, candy or beverages are permitted in the dance studio.

6.      No street shoes on the dance floor.

7.    Any limitation in ability to participate due to medical condition must be noted in writing to the studio.  Failure to note such condition is a warranty by the parent of no limitation.

8.   No gum or excessive jewelry.  Hair will be worn securely from the face.  T-shirts, shorts or sweatpants are not allowed after students have acquired the outfit.  Dance uniform is encouraged.


In order to not disturb our classes, drop a note in the drop box, or call Jeanne 419-999-1698 before 2:00 p.m. or after 9:30 p.m.  Please discuss any suggestions or problems, relative to the student’s progress, with the teacher or Jeanne.